Fully Integrated Ultrasonic Phased Array Inspection Instrument

Battery operation with hot swap capability

ZIRCON can operate up to 8 hours on a battery set and the hot swap capability allows extending its operation time.

Rugged design with no air intake
Compact and robust to be successfully deployed in the field, even in contaminated areas.

32/128PR with 2 additional dedicated UT channels
Up to 128 channels total with 32 active elements. ZIRCON operates in Pulse-Echo or Pitch-Catch modes with the additional benefit of 2 dedicated conventional UT channels.

With nearly 50 years of industry-leading experience for inspection solutions, you can count on us to provide only the highest quality instruments to satisfy your needs. ZIRCON is yet another product in our long history of high-quality products. Portable and rugged, the ZIRCON is designed for demanding inspections, and can handle extreme, real-life conditions. The ZIRCON data acquisition unit is pulsing at 75V (at 50Ὠ) equipped with two conventional UT channels pulsing at 200V (at 50Ὠ) for pulse echo, pitch-catch or TOFD inspection. ZIRCON operates using Zetec’s standard software platform UltraVision® 3 with advanced data acquisition and analysis functions.



Superior signal quality
State-of-the-art electronics because Zetec is known for high-quality and outstanding SNR.

UltraVision® 3 compatibility
3D capability in a small box: Zetec’s acquisition and analysis software is the most feature-rich companion you can imagine for the ZIRCON.


Zetec’s long history of high-quality products is continues with ZIRCON.

ZIRCON is a rugged 32/128PR data acquisition unit pulsing at 75V (@ 50Ὠ) equipped with 2 conventional UT channels pulsing at 200V (@ 50Ὠ) for Pulse-Echo, Pitch-Catch or TOFD applications.

First engineered to fulfill the requirements of one of the most challenging NDT markets, the nuclear industry, the ZIRCON is the instrument of choice for any mission-critical ultrasonic application.

Controlled by UltraVision 3, ZIRCON is the best portable PA UT data acquisition unit for automated or semi-automated inspections: welds, turbines components, castings, piping and aerospace applications. ZIRCON is a high-quality instrument designed for demanding inspections and real-life conditions.

ZIRCON also offers automatic probe detection, self-diagnostics, an impressive data throughput, up to 1024 focal laws and a rock-solid, fanless casing.