Touchscreen User Interface

Intuitive user controls to create videos and snapshots, access picture gallery, and format display settings. Features include automatic/manual white balance.

An integrated digital recorder for video or still photography stores industrial inspection data on a USB flash.

Videoscopio V5+

Power Source

The portable videoscope system can be used with an A/C or D/C ( Battery included) power source. The battery has a 1 hour 50 minute run time.


The lightweight compact, portable videoscope system allows industrial remote viewing with the strap over the shoulder or around the neck. If available, it can be placed on a bench or desk top for most applications.

The Industrial Videoscope System for Superior Industrial Remote Viewing: V5+ Videoscope System provides bright clear images, ease of operation, outstanding performance, and made--and serviced-- in U.S.A. V5+ Videoscope System provides an industrial inspection solution with exceptional results.

Designed and developed for industrial use, the V5+ is compact, affordable, and built to last with an integrated digital recorder that captures and records high quality video or still images. It features intuitive handling and is self-contained to enable on-site inspections and reduced downtime; the rugged design stands up to harsh environments and all weather conditions. It weighs only 12 pounds, 6 ounces, has a high resolution, color display, and incorporates a light source for use in low light.

The videoscope has patented articulation control and exclusive Protecht® over-torque cable protection that prevents damage and the need for repair. With a functional, comfortable body design and durable, safety-sealed, tungsten-braid jacket construction and 4-way articulation. The videoscope also offers a choice of 6 interchangeable viewing heads for for additional viewing capability.

The V5+ Videoscope System is backed by the Instrument Technology Inc. reputation as a leading manufacturer of the finest remote viewing instruments and systems with a commitment to reliable in-house
repair service.

High Resolution Display

The V5+ Industrial Videoscope system incorporates a high resolution, 6.5 inch TFT LCD display monitor with contrast ratio of 600:1 and luminance of 800 NITS. Ideal for visually inspecting and documenting hard-to-reach or hard-to-see areas.

Superior Performance in a complete, compact system. The ITI V5+ Videoscope System is ready whenever and wherever you need it. Its durable design limits downtime and it's simple to operate.

Get superior image quality in a lightweight package of only 12 pounds,
6 ounces.

Left Side View

V5+ Industrial Videoscope System is designed for easy remote viewing operation.

  • A/C plug recepticle with fuse holder
  • Main Power switch w/indicator light
  • Video Outputs - S Video, BNC, 4 pin mini-DIN
  • USB connector
  • DVR power/reset

Superior Videoscope Body Design

Easy to Use/Comfortable to Hold
Instrument Technology Inc,'S extensive test research has resulted in a uniquely functional videoscope body design that's comfortable, easily maneuverable, and high-impact-tough.

Finger Tip Control
The smooth, slim control videoscope body allows comfortable fingertip access for actuating the articulation knobs while ITI's exclusive swivel light guide permits either right or left hand operation.

Another innovative Instrument Technology Inc. (ITI) feature is easy access to the brake/ratchet control buttons-one for each axis of articulation. Readily depressed with the same hand that holds the videoscope, these controls lock articulation in place and enable incremental articulation angle control.

Impact Resistant
Instrument Technology Inc.'s (ITI) body cover is molded of tough, impact-resistant urethane, then moisture sealed for dependable, trouble-free operation

Right Side View

The V5+ Industrial Videoscope System for portable remote viewing was developed to address industrial inspection needs across a broad range of markets and applications.

  • Video In S Video connector
  • White Balance switch
  • Illumination Output control switch
  • Light Source power switch