ITI UVU Ultraviolet Video Inspection System especially for inspecting internal surfaces of aircraft landing gear.

Designed to eliminate the need for mirrors or bulky UV lamps, the "UVU" system increases reliability and decreases inspection time. It is ideal for viewing inside many types of landing gear from smaller nose wheels to jumbo main landing gear, and accommodates both Visual and Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Inspections. It can also be used for applications including Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection and Fluorescent Leak Detection.

The rigid borescope has a high resolution digital video display provided by an internal HD digital camera that connects directly to a computer. The computer can be supplied by the user or obtained through ITI, which offers industrial touch screen tablets and compatible commercial laptops.

The system software operates all the inspection modalities and will store and record digital video images. Optional measurement software is available.

Superior Body Design

  • Extension to 7.6 feet (available extendables optional)
  • Portable
  • Both UV and white light LEDs for illumination
  • Easy switch between Visual and UV Illumination Modes
  • Computer optimized optical lens elements with resolution synchronized to the video camera
  • Centering collars in many sizes, depending on actual inside diameter of the component requiring inspection.

UVU UV intensity meets or exceeds all current specifications and requirements for UV intensity in Borescope Inspection. Reliable and easy to install, UVU is currently being used in GE Jet Engine Center Shaft Inspection and in other applications for large ID components.

UVU™ Ultra Violet Video Inspection System