Partículas Magnéticas

Sir-Chem® fluorescent and nonfluorescent dry method inspection particles are offered in a variety of colors. These dry powders include a special line of products in a bonded form to decrease the amount of dust dispersed in the air during inspection – ideal for close indoor work areas.​

Accesorios para Partículas Magnéticas


Bobinas electromagnéticas


Yugos electromagnéticos


Luz UV


Mi-Glow® products offer fluorescent and nonfluorescent magnetic particles for use in wet method inspection. These materials include unique application materials such as underwater inspection media, convenient packaging such as the new Magpac™ products, and a full line of supporting materials such as white contrast paint, corrosion inhibitors and advanced wetting agents.​

CircleSafe® is a complete line of magnetic inspection aerosols. Our CircleSafe® products are packaged with a carbon dioxide propellant to reduce the environmental and safety hazards typically associated with butane and propane propellant based aerosols. CircleSafe® aerosols are available in fluorescent yellow-green, nonfluorescent black or dual red particles in either water or oil media.​