Eddy Current Tester

Defect detection in non-magnetic and magnetic bar, wire, or tube where multiple test channels and both encircling and rotary probe technology is desirable.


The versatile new MultiMac® lets you configure your eddy current test application the way you want – all with just one tester. MultiMac® test channels can be individually configured for use with encircling or sector test coils as well as rotating test probes – eliminating the need to have several instruments.
Yet MultiMac includes the best features of MAC’s individual encircling coil and rotary probe instruments. Features include up to 8 test channels in any combination, and a broad test frequency selection from 1KHz to 5MHz. All test channels can operate simultaneously at the same or at different frequencies

MultiMac® can operate on a wide variety of non-magnetic products, or use Direct Current saturation systems to inspect magnetic material. Test speeds can range from one foot per minute up to several thousand. Installation can be in-line or at a separate test station. End suppression circuitry, when combined with an optional sensor can be used for testing cut lengths to prevent false signals from leading and trailing ends.

The instrument is packaged in a heavy duty cabinet that includes a built-in monitor, air conditioning, and pull- out keyboard. There is no need to access the cabinet interior during setup and operation.

The MultiMac® is also available in other cabinet configurations that do not include the heavy duty cabinet and built-in monitor. These models include output connectors for an external monitor, and can be housed in an environmental cabinet with air conditioning where needed.