The MultiMac® SM is a high speed, computer with Windows® Operating System and MAC’s latest proprietary software. The instrument is packaged in a compact cabinet that includes a built-in monitor and may also be operated with a keyboard or mouse. The output connectors are included for an optional external monitor.

With these features, MultiMac® SM can operate on a wide variety of non-magnetic products, or use Direct Current saturation systems to inspect magnetic material.The system has a broad test frequency selection from 1KHz to 5MHz. Test speeds can range from one foot per minute up to several thousand. Installation can be in-line or at a separate test station.

MultiMac® SM has up to 2 test channels that can operate at the same or different frequencies for special applications. The main test display provides all the information needed to set up and operate MultiMac® SM. Polar and linear signal traces can be simultaneously displayed, along with all test parameters. User configurable reports containing customer and product information in addition to defect location, time, amplitude and phase can be stored locally or on a network server.

Eddy Current Tester

Multimac SM

To detect short weld line defects, and long, continuous surface flaws such as laps and seams in magnetic and non-magnetic tube and bar.