Ground-breaking all-in-one instrument
The MIZ-80iD is an all-in-one eddy current instrument, probe pusher, and controller which reduces setup time from hours to minutes.

Left or right hand operation
The MIZ-80iD can be setup in whichever orientation is more convenient for inspection.  It can also be set up in back-to-back configuration.

Top quality data
The integral eddy current instrument improves data quality by eliminating probe

extensions and slip-rings.

Modular design for easy transport
The MIZ-80iD design can quickly be separated into three modules, making handling and transportation easy.

Diagnostics built right in
Tracking of motor current and velocity, controller status, wheel pressure, temperature and probe events are monitored by Zetec Acquisition Control software for easy troubleshooting and adjustment.

Easier to use inside and out

The MIZ-80iD is lightweight, easy to connect and configurable for either hand. Its integrated design simplifies setup as well. Cabling connections require one airline, one Ethernet cable, and two AC cables – a reduction compared to other systems.


The MIZ-80iD is an all-in-one integrated eddy current instrument, probe pusher, and control system that has transformed the way eddy current data is obtained.

This break-through in technology allows for highly efficient and cost effective inspections of your steam generator and condenser tubing in nuclear and conventional power plants.

No longer will you have to deal with the complexities that come with deployment, setup, and maintenance, which results in lower costs of operation and the reduction of human exposure to radiation.

A single Ethernet connection from the host computer provides all the control communication to the entire system. And the module can be configured for either left hand or right hand operation.

The MIZ-81iD is a specialized all-in-one configuration for the French market

MIZ - 85 iD

A revolutionary eddy current data acquisition unit