Our MIZ®-21B handheld eddy current tester is the most powerful handheld tester on the market for testing cracks, heat damage and corrosion. The MIZ-21B incorporates dual-frequency and digital conductivity testing with nonconductive coating thickness measurement. It operates with an industry standard 50-ohm probe drive resulting in an optimum balance between probe input and instrument output. The price point is of exceptional value for a dedicated eddy current instrument that finds more defects in less time.


MIZ - 21B

Wheel Bead Seat Inspection
Our Bead Seat Probes can detect cracks in the early stages, so you can repair or replace damaged wheels before bigger problems arise. And you can inspect the region around the wheel with just one pass, greatly increasing throughput.

Airframe Fastener Row Inspection
The MIZ-21B and the Reflection Sliding Probe work together for rapid detection of longitudinal fatigue cracks between fastener holes, such as lap splices.

C-scan Display for Fastener Holes.
Get the “big picture” in fastener holes inspection with the C-scan display. This effective method works with an indexing rotating scanner when fasteners are removed.

Probe Optimization
The MIZ-21B plots probe response to the test and reference specimens over a range of frequencies. This helps you choose the probe’s optimum operating frequency for each application.

A revolutionary eddy current data acquisition unit