HD - CR 35

What is important?
With film radiography the only variable is the film. With CR we have different IP‘s and the ability to adjust up to 4 parameters within the scanner to optimise the image quality to suit the required inspection task.

High definition Computed Radiography
DÜRR NDT is the first company worldwide that has developed a scanner with a 12,5 μm laser spot. When used with correspondingly high resolution phosphor storage plates, this meets all the stringent requirements of EN14784, EN17636 and ASTM E2446.

The combination of high resolution image plates and this HD-CR device achieves the unique Basic Spatial Resolution of 40 μm over all system classes for the first time. (Certified by BAM).

Adjustable resolution
The unique TreFoc Technology can be found in the HD - CR 35 NDT. This always sets the laser beam in relation to the image plate and the object to be examined, so that the maximum resolution is achieved, while simultaneously attaining the optimal signal-to-noise ratio. 

HD - CR 43

Radiografía computarizada automática


DRP 2020 / 4040 NDT

Panel detector


Computed Radiography (CR) is the acquisition of a digital image by using a Phosphor Imaging Plate (IP) in place of conventional film.

Key advantages of CR include:
–  IP‘s are reusable
–  No dark room or chemicals required
–  Exposure and process times reduced
–  Easy work flow and image optimisation with

D-Tect software
–  Simple to share and archive digital information

The CR technology consists of a 3-step process.

The Image (storage) Plate (IP) is exposed with X-ray or gamma radiation, which causes the phosphor layer in the plate to store the latent image.

During the reading process of the plate in the scanner, a focussed laser beam triggers the release of the stored image data in form of visible light.

The emitted light is detected, captured and converted into electrical signals which are digitized and finally displayed as a digital image on the PC monitor.

The internal in-line eraser removes the residual data from the IP, which is then ready for the next exposure.

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