HandHeld Videoscope System

HandHeld+ Videoscope System​

With all the features of expensive, handheld videoscopes at an economical, affordable cost, the ITI HandHeld+ uses the latest state-of-art technology to create the perfect compact, portable handheld scope when space is tight and tasks are complex. This easy, accurate system includes:

  • Rugged videoscope with one-thumb, motorized articulation
  • High resolution images on a 4.3" video display screen
  • Extended lengths from 1.5 to 6 meters
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design that reduces operator fatigue for hours
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery with generous run time of 5 hours
  • 4.5mm-8mm Scope diameters that satisfy most applications
  • Sharp focusing ranges from 15mm to infinity.

In addition, the camera is replaceable for easy repair and convenience and has:

  • 32MB Data storage SD card
  • High intensity controlled LED illumination
  • Micro USB and composite video outputs. 

If repairs to HandHeld+ are ever needed, the cost is low, the turnaround is fast. Guaranteed by ITI, this compact videoscope provides dependable performance in countless applications.

HandHeld Videoscope System​

Compact, lightweight, and economical: the innovative, easy-to-operate ITI HandHeld Videoscope System ends the need for high-end, complicated scopes that can be costly to buy and costly to maintain. The result of extensive research and development, the HandHeld Videoscope System combines a rugged videoscope, with state-of-the-art functions that works in challenging environments
for a fraction of the cost of other handheld units. If repairs are needed, the cost is also low and turnaround is fast: guaranteed by ITI.

  • 4mm or 6mm probe diameter; 1.5 meter or 3 meter probe length
  • Intuitive interface
  • Joystick-controlled; 360º Articulation
  • Waterproof, oil resistant, durable
  • Tungsten probe has coil that prevents it from being crushed
  • High Resolution camera and lens
  • High-output L.E.D. lightbulb increases in intensity in dark spaces
  • Battery-powered; Uses standard AA batteries (not included); can be rechargeable.