Transducter Assembly

High speed ultrasonic rotary testers provide multiple test configurations for tube or bar up to 500 millimeters in diameter.

ECHOMAC® Rotary Ultrasonic System Rotating ultrasonic transducers are available for shear-wave configuration (surface and subsurface defects) and compression-wave configuration (internal defects and dimensional measurements such as wall thickness.) Models are available for inspecting material from 10 mm to 500 mm in diameter at test speeds up to 200 fpm, depending on the size and condition of the material. Rotary ultrasonic systems can be combined with eddy-current instrumentation to meet API, ASTM, Mill, and Customer specifications.

Echo MAC


The Echomac FD-5 is a computer based ultrasonic inspection instrument designed for on or off-line flaw detection, thickness and outside diameter measurement.  Instead of using common spike pulsers, the FD-5 uses negative square pulsers lower in amplitude and longer in length coupled with a pitch-catch through transmission to fully optimize transducer efficiency.  Building on the success and wide acceptance of the Echomac FD-4, the FD-5 achieves a new level of improved signal to noise, repeatability and reliability.  Improved 16 steps damping adjustments in increments of 20 Ohms, instead of the common 2 step high or low adjustment, allows the transducer to detect lower signals while giving the user better control over reflections.  With a higher gain range and the addition of 5 low pass filters and 5 high pass filters, noise is significantly suppressed, thus improving reliability and repeatability.  Zero cross-talk optimizes signal integrity and provides precise thickness measurement.

Typical Application:
Flaw, thickness or ID diameter detection on or off line, for tube, bar, or plate. Well suited for new or older installations in need of upgrading, the FD-5 instrumentation can be used with MAC’s Echomac Rotary Ultrasonic Transducer assembly as well as with other existing immersion or squirter type “spin the tube” installations.