• Windows User Interface with easy to understand “Tiles” main Menu
  • Modern touch screen makes set-up and operation quick and easy
  • Strip chart allows you to easily identify flaws and review test data
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio helps you find the smallest flaws
  • Rugged all aluminum enclosure is designed for tough production environments
  • Works seamlessly with Criterion NDT probes and coils
  • Industrial I/O works with material handling system PLC’s for easy production integration
  • Multiple USB connections
  • No external fan: keeps dirt and oily air out

CR - 11

Criterion NDT’s new single channel CR-11 eddy current test instrument is specifically designed to find material defects such as cracks and flaws in components during production processes - in real-time on your production line. This helps you to quickly detect and separate flawed product, reducing scrap and warranty costs.