Five (5) Interchangeable Viewing Heads

ITI Extendable Borescopes offer your choice of five (5) interchangeable Viewing Heads, with normal field of view, and can be used in their Basic Length from 15" to 52" or with optional Extender Sections with maximum lengths to 100 feet.

Series 122000 Extendable Borescopes have rugged stainless steel construction coupled with exceptional image quality which makes these instruments ideal for many industrial applications.

Extendable Borescopes are extremely versatile instruments, combining the highest optical quality and illumination technology. For use in inspection of internal surface areas, they are durably built and designed for adjustable configurations.

Ideal for field, laboratory and plant applications. Extendable Borescopesare best suited for use in long cylinders and tubes, such as heat exchangers, 
gun barrels and pipelines.

Boroscopio Extensible