Thimble and RIC Tube Probes

When you need to inspect your tubes that run from the refuel deck to the reactor vessel, count on Zetec to provide a number of thimble tube probes to meet your specific needs. RIC probes test the same types of tubing for the French market and meet all the EDF PMUC requirements.

High Stability Bobbin Probe

Zetec's High Stability Bobbin Probe will significantly improve the economics of your steam generator inspections. This innovative advancement in technology provides better quality data and bobbin probes that last considerably longer.

With our many years of experience in developing solutions for power plant inspections, you can count on our bobbin probes for nuclear plants for consistency, accuracy, and longevity. With more field experience than our competitors, and having created solutions for more applications than anyone in the industry, we have developed the most advanced and most effective bobbin probes in the business. In addition to being a trusted adviser for fast and efficient inspections, we have a proven track record of supporting unforeseen issues during inspections.

Top of Tube Sheet Bobbin Inspections

Zetec's LC4 probes provide extremely stable data for top of tube sheet exams. The unique 4 centering foot design aides in tubesheet expansion profiling and finding axial cracks in the transition areas of the tubing. Our application team can assist in setting up hardware and software to find indications in this difficult area.

Bobbins for Nuclear Plants

Bobbin U-bend Inspection

For tight bends in tubing, typically row 8 and smaller, Zetec has a complete family of "low row" bobbin probes. A variety of extremely flexible lengths are available. Both regular and magnetically biased probes will meet your needs for specific tubing.

M/ULC Bobbin for Nuclear Steam Generator Inspections

Zetec's M/ULC bobbins are the probe of choice for the Nuclear Steam Generator Industry. Carefully selected magnets and our world class manufacturing provide consistent results and long life. Optimized designs exist for all sizes of steam generator tubing. Typically these probes can be used down to row 8 in a steam generator.

Bobbins for CANDU Steam Generators

Zetec is your source for bobbins for CANDU steam generators. We have designs for every tube size and geometry. Specialized magnets provide quality data for high permeability tubing. Centering feet with abrasion resistant inserts allow probes to remain in tolerance for extend lengths.