Plant based, low toxicity, biodegradable couplant in two viscosities with a broad high to low operating range.

  • High temperature coupling for flaw inspection and thickness gaging.
  • Ambient and low temperature coupling where corrosion inhibition is critical.

Instantaneous ultrasonic response (does not contain plastic powders which delay ultrasonic conduction). Excellent corrosion inhibitor. Provides non-toxic, superior, long-term corrosion inhibition for steel and cast iron and is compatible with other metals and most plastics. VersaSonic may be left in place unless it will interfere with subsequent manufacturing operations such as painting or electroplating.

Low smoke and odor at elevated temperatures.

No plastic powder char remaining after inspection.

Low environmental impact. Contains no perfluorocarbons, silicones, peanut or tree nut oils.

Available in two viscosities:

HV: High viscosity – remains in place on surfaces and transducers
MV: Medium viscosity – spreadable, can be bushed onto surfaces

Removal: wipe with paper or cloth rag. If complete removal is required, dish detergent and water or a chemical degreaser can be used.


  • HV: High viscosity: 80.54 Pa.s. at a shear rate of 2.9 seconds (TA Rheometer)

    MV: Medium viscosity: 29.25 at a shear rate of 2.25 seconds (TA Rheometer)

    Halogens and Sulfur less than 50 ppm.

    Auto Ignition (Cleveland): Auto Ignition 788°F (420°C) under closed conditions with sustained temperature (ASTM E-659)

    Operating Range. -10°F to 750°F / -23°C to 398°C.  VersaSonic® successfully performs in excess of 750°F (510°C). Typical UT flaw and thickness applications use thin couplant films in an open environment where the small amount of gas formed can dissipate quickly. However, if fire (auto ignition) is of concern, VersaSonic should not be used above 725°F / 385°C and instead EchoTherm or EchoTherm Extreme should be used.