Bores Eye

Bores Eye 2030

The Boreseye2030 is designed for use with small-diameter interchangeable articulating and non-articulating camera assemblies. Non-articulating cable lengths range from 1M to 30M and are available in flexible, semi-rigid and even a 30M push rod option. 2-way articulating cameras assemblies are available up to 3M in length. Both camera styles are offered in diameters as small as 3.9mm. Due to the interchangeable nature of the BoresEye, displays and camera assemblies are sold separately. Shown right with the push rod camera assembly.

Bores Eye 2040

Axial Scan acts as three-scopes-in-one with panoramic illumination to fully cover the total viewing area. In-line with the borescope probe, The BoresEye2040 is the successor to our much loved ForeEyes 2020 series. It is sold as a complete kit and can accept any of the accessories used with the SnakeEye camera system. The kit includes a 1.19” camera head that attaches to an 18 inch wand that is able to articulate up to 90 degrees vertically.

Our most versatile video line, the BoresEye works with, flexibile, 
articulating and push rod camera assemblies starting as small as 3.9mm.


The Danatronics BoresEye series is the ideal cost effective video inspection system. The BoresEye2030 line offers an interchangeable system that allows you to go from a 5.5mm 6M straight camera, to a 3.9mm articulating camera or a push rod camera system, with the twist of a cable making it a truly economical system. It’s counterpart, the BoresEye2040 uses robust and time tested accessories with its standard 1.19” camera head.